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K-eWrist Band

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Negative Ions

The main composition of K-eWrist Band and how they help us:


    It helps to neutralize positive ions (free radicals) in the body which causes pain and fatique. It also helps to reduce the viscosity of blood by separating the clustered red blood cells to increaase oxygen supply, eliminating stress and alleviating tenses and anxiety. It is good in helping to stabilize the autonomic nervous system by balancing activities of sympathetic and parasymapathetic nerves.


    It produces "resonance effect" in the body to enhance the metabolism of the body and improve blood circulation.

      What is "Resonance Effect"?

      Water and organic substances absorb energy easily from Far Infrared Rays (FIR). FIR absorbs easily into our body and simultaneously, activates the water molecules in the body. The active molecules increase blood circulation and help to enhance the bondy metabolism.

FAQ for K-eWrist Band

  • Q : What is K-eWristband?
  • A : It is a wrist band specially designed with the latest technology from Japan. It is enhanced with negative ions and far infrared rays.

  • Q : Why do I need K-eWristband?
  • A : K-eWrist Band helps to improve blood circulation, maximizes body potential and overall, improves body health. The negative ions and far infrared rays in K-eWrist Band assists to stimulate blood flow and enhances oxygen supply to the whol body.

  • Q : What is so special about K-eWrist Band?
  • A : It is light and trendy, comes with various choices of colors.

  • Q : What are the sizes K-eWrist Band?
  • A : It comes in three (3) different sizes - s (48mm), M (55mm) and L(62mm).

  • Q : How do I use K-eWrist Band?
  • A : Simply wear it on your left or right wrist to begin your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

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