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Roy Jardin
PHKL No: PHKL036193

Tagbilaran. Bohol

Products Used: K-Fuel Saver


As an employee of a company who sells fire extinguisher, I travel a lot from all points of Bohol.  The company I worked with gave me a service car, a mini van, to help me with my mobility from one client to another.  Part of my benefit, the company provided me with a fixed monthly gasoline allowance of P 4,000.00 per month.   

The gasoline allowance is to my discretion whether spend less or more than P 4,000.00.  When Pinky introduced me the K-Fuel Saver, I was able to save P1,500.00 out of my P 4,500.00 gasoline allowance.  I still travel the same route everyday. 

With K-Fuel Saver I earned an extra P 1,500.00 out of my gasoline allowance, not to mention the increase in motor power.