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Gloria Claveria
HKL No: 0023548
Address: Bacoor, Cavite
Products Used: Kinotaka,Chlorophyll ,Rooibos Tea and Spirulina


Sometime in the early part of 1995, I often experienced choking, but I disregarded this discomfort because I did not feel any serious effect to me.

However on August 22, 2002 of the said year, while I was having dinner with my family, I suddenly choked to death. The following day, I undergone series of examination at San Juan de Dios Hospital and Philippine General Hospital (PGH), I was diagnosed of having Cancer of the Esophagus or Esophageal Carcinorea. Then on December 9, 2002, I was again brought to PGH to undergo Transhiatal Esophagectomy or Resectioning of the Esophagus. As a result of the said operation, I had to suffer from a pulled-up stomach.

On February of the following year, due to severe coughing, my pulled up stomach was detached. Because of this, I underwent an operation again. Because I could not swallow, I was tube fed through my abdomen then. I was confined at the PGH for several months, until one of my physicians was able to provide me a dilator which I can use at home. Months have passed until dilation procedure was outgrown.

Until on November 12, 2004, I underwent Bone Scanning. Impression (diagnosis) was my cancer metastasized at the third and sixth left costochondral junction (Ribs). An oncologist advised linear radiation which I had for 20 sessions from December 10, 2004 to January 10, 2005. During this period, December 26, 2004 to be exact, a God-sent friend from Hong Kong introduced Kinotakara to me, which I started using on that very same day.

Then came January 12, 2005, where I suffered from sever headache. This time, I underwent CT Scan. Such procedure lead to impression of

Suspicious Lytic Lesion at Left Posterior Frontal Bone, which means “a destruction in an area due to a disease or cancer”. Once again, my oncologist advised 20 sessions of radiation. I took second and third opinion from other oncologists but one of them even told me that there is no cure for my condition, the only option left is to control the spread of cancer cells in my body which may be done through chemotherapy.

Despite the different medical procedures suggested/recomended, I disregarded them and instead continued using Kinotakara. I never failed putting a patch of Kinotakara on my left and right foot since the day I learned about this foot patch.

On January 26, 2005, a month after I started using Kinotakara, I sought for an oncologist’s opinion for the fourth time. This time, the oncologist advised us that I don’t need to undergo chemotherapy. I further followed-up this finding for a medical and laboratory examination on February 9 of the same year. Surprisingly, my bone scan impression was “Stable osteoblastic sites in the third and sixth left costochobdral junction.” In layman’s term this means that the cancer already disappeared.

Such result gave me more reason to continue using Kinotakara religiously. I became interested to attend K-Link’s product training. I also learned that other than Kinotakara, K-Link has other wonderful products that can help improved my health condition. I started using their other products such as Rooibos Tea, Chlorophyll and Spirulina. These products became my daily regimen.

On September 3, 2005, I underwent a chest and abdomen scan. And based on the result, my specialist declared that I am cleared from cancer cells.

Today, I feel and believe that I am totally cured. My journey of pains for the last three years has come to an end. I thank God for making K-Link an instrument of bringing hope to people like me.