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Charles Stafford
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Cebu City

Products Used: K-Fuel Saver


I am a retired American Chef, married to a Filipina, who is a mobile stockist here in Cebu.  As an American, I am used to driving fast.  Our car is a small isuzu carry.  I always tell my wife to buy a new car, cause the car doesn’t have a power.  My wife a very practical woman, insist though that it is the best car for us, cause it consume less gas, being a van is also useful in delivering water (we are a distributor of purified water).

When she came back from a seminar from Mindanao, she has with her this tablet call dyno-tab.  Upon hearing it is a US made product I have no doubt in my mind, I throw 2 tablets in the gasoline tank, full tank though is only 30 liters. 

The first thing I have noticed was the drivability and power.  Oh my!  This is the car.  Now Im okay with my Isuzu Carry.  It is small, sleek and fast it can pass through any other car.