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Paulo Ariel Catala
PHKL No: 032883

37 Queen of Apostle Road Baguio City

Products Used: Laser Therapeutic Device


I am Paulo Ariel Catala, 34 years old, married and a resident of Baguio City.  When I was 24 years old, I worked with Magnolia in San Fernando, La Union at the frozen chicken section.  My job requires going in and out of the blasting freezer to pack and haul frozen chicken, so we are required to use heated gloves.  After a year, when I woke up I could not feel my fingers.  I could not move my hands, I feel numbed.  Because i resigned.. 

At a young age of 25 years old then, I am like an old man that I have a difficulty moving my hands especially in the morning during cold season.  For two months after I left my job as a blast freezer hauler I have to apply warm compress by submerging my hands and fingers in a bucket full of warm water just to ease the numbness.

This feeling of numbness that penetrates my bones can always be felt years after years, from 3:00 in the morning on wards.  So, I diligently exercise my left and right arms, hands and fingers. 

One day, I attended the Live Blood Analysis and Laser Therapeutic Device Seminar at my Aunt Veronica’s invitation.  I tried using the L. T. D.  for they said it helps the blood circulation, plus the L.T.D. massage therapy.  After 5 continuous day of 45 minutes treatment, the numbness that I felt was gone. 

December here in Baguio is very cold.  Temperature reaches at 8 degrees centigrade but I happily wake up every morning thanking God that my arms, hands and fingers numbs and aches no more.