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Agueda Pagco
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36 Queen of Apostle Rd. Lourdes Proper, Lourdes Subd. Baguio City

Products Used: Sagee


Agueda Pagco, 47 years old, was born with a Down syndrome.  Down syndrome  is a lifelong condition in which a person is born with distinct physical features, such as a flat face and short neck, and some degree of cognitive disability or mental retardation. 

Aida as her family members fondly call her,  like others with down syndrome have below-average intelligence and maybe even worst.  Aida had never attended school.  She never had friends other than members of the family.  She can’t even say a word, take simple instructions, nor take care of herself. 
Last year, sometime October 2004, her sister Mrs. Veronica Knight happened to meet Baguio K-Link Center Stockist Beth Alonzo.  Tita Beth showed her the Video CD of Sagee, showing a boy with Down Syndrome that showed a tremendous improvement.

First Aida took Sagee, 2 capsules twice a day.  After 3 days, she was pointing her head and doing a sign language that it hurts.  Veronica lowered her dosage to 1 capsule twice a day.  One day she suddenly broke out and called out her father ,” Tatay Enciong!” That was after consuming 4 bottles of Sagee.  Then from that day on, everyday is a day of surprise and amazement to all of us. 

Aida starts mentioning the name of her late mother, “Nanay Albin”.  She started speaking long sentences in 3 different languages:  Tagalog, Ilocano and Kapampangan.   One day, in their house they were planning to visit a wake at a neightbors.  Everyone is dressing up and Aida said, “ Uma med ako” (sama din ako, in Ilocano).  She is observant of what is happening around her and loves to imitate things other does.  One night, her sister saw her putting on Power Cream on her face and neck, which they found out she was doing it morning and night. 
Aida now can do simple task, which she haven’t done before like, cleaning the house, taking a bath and learning to write her name. 

Although Down syndrome is permanent, most people who have it are able to live healthy, productive lives.  Aida with SAGEE, plus the proper care, emotional support from her loved ones, will flourish and grow a healthy and happy adult.  At  47 years old, life is never too late.  Thanks to Sagee and thanks to K-Link.