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Tessie M. Busch
PHKL No: 029393
Address: 97 Molave St. , Monte Maria Catalunan Grande, Davao City
Products Used: LTD, Kinotaka, Riddance, Chlorophyll and Spirulina
Duration: May 16 21, 2005


I am Tessie M. Busch, holding a German passport, age 52 yrs. For almost 20 years now, I am taking medicines for my heart ailment. I take Metropolol 3x a day and failure of taking this medicine even for a day makes me dyspneic (difficulty in breathing). At the same time, I’m also taking medicines for my goiter.

Last May 16, 2005, my friend Sylvia Eyner introduced to me the products of K-Link. She said that she was advised to use Kinotakara, Riddance, Chlorophyll, Spirulina and the Laser Therapy Device and after finishing the program, she felt better. She brought me to the clinic of Luz Adao - Pundato at K-Link Davao for consultation. I tried the program. I used LTD for 5 consecutive days, pasted Kinotakara on my soles for 12 hours each day and at my back. Ms. Luz personally attended to me. She also had me intake Riddance twice a day (5 days), Chlorophyll 3x a day (on going process) and Liquid Spirulina 2x a day (on-going). Now, I feel really good and I’m no longer taking medicines for my ailments. I was able to convince my husband to undergo the same treatment and it worked for him, too.

I’m very thankful in knowing K-Link and I pray for your success.

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