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Elequira Caga
PHKL No: 009226
Products Used: Kinotaka,Chlorophyll and Spirulina

I was admitted at Panabo Medical Mission Group Hospital on Dec 29, 2003. Based on my ultrasound and radiology reports, I have a heterogeneous mass or tumor in my urinary bladder and clump of clotted blood was also present. Because of these, I have to use a catheter for urine output for 5 days. The doctors even suggested for an operation but my family and I decided not to have one coz I’m already old and we could no longer sustain for the expenses.

We heard about Kinotakara, a health product that could adsorb toxins from the body. I used this product together with UIE Liquid Chlorophyll and UIE Liquid Spirulina. By January 8, 2004 my ultrasound and radiology reports revealed that I no longer have the mass in my urinary bladder. It totally disappeared and I was very relieved and happy that I have used these wonderful, all natural health products from K-Link Phil.