K-Ion Nano SMALL Frame (HC097)

The Ultimate Care For Your Eyes

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Available in colours:

  • HC097–SPP : Purple Color (Suitable for Women)
  • HC097–SBL : Black Color (Suitable for Women)
  • HC097-SLRD : Light Red (Suitable for Women)

Made by using thermoplastic rubber (TR) with nanotechnology, K-Ion Nano Advanced Healthcare Specs is infused with eye-benefitting anion energy and far-infrared. It refreshes your eyes by supplying more oxygen to the eye area, thus easing common eye problems such as glaucoma, myopia, astigmatism, floaters, dry eye and many more.

  • Anions
  • Anions can improve the body's immune system and strengthens its functions. With anions, it can also supply more oxygen to the eye area so that your eyes can feel rested and comforted.

  • Far-Infrared
  • When far-infrared is in contact with the body, it causes resonance among the molecules which would simulate the widening of blood capillaries, thus improving blood circulation. It also benefits the eye cells as well as prevent various eye problems.

K-eWrist Band is a high technology product that helps in:
  1. Improving blood circulation.
  2. Improving body health
  3. Alleviating discomfort
  4. Preventing fatigue
  5. Increasing physical flexibility

Recommendation: For best results, wear K-Ion Nano for 8-10 hours per day