Puyikang Takara

A Must-Have Feminine Hygiene Product
HC002 FDA No.: NN01000001849687
What every woman should know?
  • The vagina will definitely loose its firmness due to extensive exercise, though it has elastic muscles that can expand during child birth, its natural firmness can no longer be retained back and it increases its mucus reproduction.
  • A normal vaginal discharge should be odorless, lightly colored to colorless and must not cause any irritation. Other female biological condition which may cause discharges includes:
    1. The day before or during ovulation, in which heavy and thick discharge occurs.
    2. Several days before or during menstruation, in which the discharge is heavy and dark in color.
    3. Heavy discharges during pregnancy
  • Heavy discharges characterized with yellowish or reddish discharge may be an indication of infection. One of which is leucorrhoea in which vaginal discharge occurs due to the infection of the uterus, cervix and vagina. The mucous discharge is transparent to whitish in color.
  • Heavy discharge may also indicate infection that causes vaginal inflammation. When inflammation occurs, women will experience abnormally heavy discharge with a darker appearance, strong odor, irritation around the vaginal area and even uneasiness during sex. Pregnant women, diabetics and those who are on constant antibiotics are prone to this feminine problem.
  • Some women try to prevent feminine problem by maintaining proper hygiene. However some women tend to practice wrong feminine hygiene with the use of wrong product or soap which only makes the problem worse.

Now women can put these worries behind, Puyikang Takara has all the answers.

PUYIKANG TAKARA is a unique feminine hygiene product from Japan which may be used daily for women's protection against vaginal problems. Research shows that one contributing reason for the increased number of women suffering from cervix cancer is the lack of feminine hygiene leading to bacterial, viral or fungal infections. Said infection results in unsightly white leucorrhea discharges, embarrassing odor, irritation and inflammation of the vagina, the fallopian tube and the cervix.

Puyikang Takara can resolve these vaginal problems. It helps overcome women's irritating problems such as unhygienic secretions, white discharge, unpleasant odor, stench, vaginal itch, etc. It reduces inflammation, kills germs, avoids feminine dampness and prevents looseness and ageing. Puyikang Takara helps regulates menstrual period and helps cleans the uterus, and provides a protective layer for the uterus lining. It also tightens and strengthens the women's vaginal muscles for firmer sensation, providing maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse.

Direction of Use:

The product comes with a douche (container) especially designed for women. Put contents of one (1) sachet in the container provided, add lukewarm water and shake well. Use at least 30 minutes before taking a bath and wash afterwards with warm water.

  1. Not advisable for pregnant women.
  2. Do not use during menstruation
  3. Do not insert the douche to deeply to avoid discomfort, pain or even injury.
  4. The product is not intended for any medical purposes,
  5. If allergies or irritation occurred after using the product, please be advised to consult your physician. 

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