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K-Liquid Spirulina

BFAD No.: FR-62034

K-Liquid Spirulina
The Complete Food

Spirulina is a planktonic blue-green algae family. It is the world's richest natural source of vitamin B-12, has up to 65% of vegetable proteins, natural amino acids, and natural carotene and contains a whole spectrum of natural nutrients. It is a natural harvester of sunlight and forms one of the foundations on earth. Spirulina has the natural ability to thrive in harsh conditions. 

The Spirulina used in K-Link's Liquid Spirulina is harvested in ecologically controlled and uncontaminated environment. It is an ideal food supplement for people of all age groups and life styles.

Spirulina is Rich in:

  1. Protein and Amino Acids, Gamma Linolic Acid and Other Fatty Acids:
    1. Highest protein content(65%), far higher than soy beans (35%), animal and fish (15%) and eggs (12%), but easily absorb, digested and assimilated by the body, important to undernourished and those with intestinal
    2. Helps in hormonal balance.
    3. Lowers cholesterol level.
    4. Improves Skin conditions.

  2. Carbohydrates, pigments and enzymes:
    1. Gives energy.
    2. Regulates body metabolism (phycocyanin & chlorophyll).
    3. Enzymes, Super Oxide Dismotase, important in removing free radicals, retarding the aging process, etc. 

  3. Vitamins  & Minerals:  A (beta-carotene 10 times more than carrots), B12 and Iron (50 times more than Spinach), calcium, chromium, copper, zinc, etc.
    1. Improves vision
    2. Reduces risk of any form of cancer
    3. Production of red blood cells, bone marrows and nervous system
    4. Lowers risk of heart attack or stroke
    5. Builds immune system
    6. Healthy bones and prevents osteoporosis
    7. Lowers and controls blood sugar
    8. Reduces the risk of Homocystine (damaged blood vessel)

K-Link's spirulina is in liquid form making its nutrients highly digestible, which in turn provides the body with instant benefits. Moreover, K-Link's Liquid Organic Spirulina is fortified with UIE (Universe Induced Energy), making it a super food for health, energy and vitality.

One sachet can provide 50% of nutrition required by our body.  Best for: 

  1. Children and Adults
  2. Recovering from injuries including surgery & child birth.
  3. Slimming or obesity
  4. PMS – Premenstrual Syndrome
  5. Malnourished
  6. Kidney Problem
  7. Anemia
  8. High Cholesterol (Fatty Lipids)
  9. Vegetarian
  10. Pregnant and lactating women
  11. Boost Immune System
  12. Energy Booster

Spirulina is a complete balance meal in a sachet! Spirulina strengthens the immune system and enhances the body's ability to generate new cells.