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K-Perfect Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper
Experience the magic of Body Slimming
Technology for women

Made of Fine Bamboo Charcoal Powder with Nanotechnology

K-Perfect Bamboo Charcoal Body Shaper is created using the latest technology which uses 4 years old "Meng-zong" bamboos as the main material. After burning it twice at a high temperature of 1,200 degree Celcius, the bamboo charcoal will emit far infrared energy. Natural mineral stones are added and the mixture is grinded into fine powder form with nanotechnology. Then, the materials will be added to the fibre. This, will generate ionized bamboo charcoal fibre which is good for health.

The advantages of bamboo charcoal cloth are anti-bacterial, deodorizing, great ventilation feature and high absorption capability. It also emits far infrared energy and supplies negative ions. Japanese have been using this type of cloth since a long time ago in their daily life because of its high value and quality.

Shaping a balanced body cutting ratio

Firming, flattening & slimming in 5 minutes

  1. Firming the breasts
    • Designed to give a body slimming effect, comfortable and suitable to be worn throughout the whole day and you won't feel tight wearing it.
    • Designed to give a "push up" effect, cuttings which give support to the breasts to avoid sagging and problems of breasts fat tissues moving to the outer part which causes auxiliary breasts and giving the effect of enlarging and firming the breasts.
  2. Flattening the abs
    • Supporting the fat tissues at the stomach area, holding them up, restructuring the breasts and reshaping an attractive body figure.
    • Pushing the fat tissues at the lower abdomen to the hips to give an abs-flattening effect.
    • Alleviating bloated stomach, wind and menstrual pain, giving protection to the womb, improving blood circulation and also strengthening and creating a smaller abdomen.
  3. Slimming the hips
    • Supporting the hip area, strengthening both the hipbones to the thigh, making the hips smaller, avoiding the fat tissues around the thigh area from sagging, lessen the formation of cellulites and repairing the contour of the hip area.
    • Specifically designed with an opening for convenience while using the toilet, clean and safe to be used.