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Explo Protect
The Life and Property Protector

Fossil-fuels have become an indispensable part of our lives in the contemporary world. Modern technology and rising income has enabled relatively easy access to motor vehicles that run on fossil-fuels namely gasoline. Yet the ever greater use of motor vehicles have witnessed an increase likeliness of explosions that might cause substantial damage and human losses. Methods of protection and ways of handling with the inflammables are often out of date and proven inadequate.

Statistics showed that human losses and material damage recently caused by explosions increase more rapidly than any other type of accidents. Intense research and development efforts have, however, led to an efficient protection system that radically reduces the danger of explosion. The new system, accessible to all is a result of a revolutionary new product - EXPLO CONTROL®.

EXPLO PROTECT® is a meshwork of hexagonal materials made of special Magnesium Aluminum Alloy. It is available in two forms: as a net or pellets. The Magnesium Aluminum Alloy is an excellent heat conductor, transferring heat all over the net surface. In this way temperature and pressure within the protected gasoline tank can never rise too high. EXPLO PROTECT® does not react with the gasoline; and therefore does not affect the amount or quality of gasoline in the tank. How does it function? Its principle of functioning is very simple. By inserting into the gasoline tank with EXPLO PROTECT®, the latter serves as energy absorbent in case of fire or any other radical temperature increase.

EXPLO PROTECT® offers an excellent protection against explosions by fire and spark. Additionally, it improves safety conditions for firemen's work and gives them more time to proceed to rescue in case of fire. It prevents sudden explosion of motor vehicles often caused by car accidents.