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by Barbara C. Gonzalez (Lily Pad Lectures)

Published on The Philippine Star
February 8, 2003


The arthritic attack struck on January 14, I remember that well. It should have gone by the 24th, at the latest the 26th. Somewhere I had read that the human body would heal itself in 10 to 12 days whether or not you medicate. If you had a cold and took nothing for it, it would be cured in 10 days anyway. Or maybe it would turn to pneumonia, which has a cure. They say the common cold has none. Anyway, there it was, close to Chinese New Year, and still my backache had me in its painful grip. I was afraid it would last all through the Year of the Goat. Or is it the Year of the Ram?

Whenever I didn't have to put on a public face - being a proud, disciplined woman I would kill myself to stand and walk straight in public - I hobbled around. Painkillers and ointments helped but their transitory comfort wore out even before the four hours were up. I would feel the numbness slowly wearing off and if I didn't have a supply with me I would start to panic, was afraid that something would just snap, that I would fall over in pain and publicly humiliate myself. So I thought it wiser to stay at home in Laguna, relying on e-mail to bring the world in.

"I'm sorry to read about your back pain. I'd like to give you a sample of a plaster I sell that might help. If you're interested, give me a call," the message said. What a kind person, I thought. True, she was selling something but this sounded like it was worth trying.

I immediately called the cell phone she gave. She was wary about answering. So I sent her a text identifying myself and telling her I wanted to take her up on her offer. When we talk she said her product was difficult to explain. She said it was better experienced. Where could we meet so she could give me my free sample? We agreed to meet at a Makati mall.

The product Chichi Magno was offering was strange all right. I had never seen anything like it before. I wasn't sure I understood what I was supposed to do with it either but since I didn't have to take it internally and my back was killing me, I was more than willing to try anything that might bring me some relief.

It's called Kinotakara and it comes in a little packet.
One side of the packet is foil and the other side is a porous surface, a kind of synthetic gauze. Inside the packet is a mixture of natural materials as white as the gauze that are supposed to absorb the toxins in your body. Each packet comes with a square of some kind of tape soles of your feet where most acupuncture points for vital organs are. To keep the packet in a place, you wear socks. Do this before you go to sleep and leave overnight.

"And then?" I asked Chichi.

"That's all. While you sleep the pads will absorb the toxins in your body. You'll see it when you remove the pads the next day. You'll feel much better too. Our case histories show that this is good for swollen joints, rheumatoid arthritis, and many other things. You'll feel good, ma'am, I promise," she reassured. "It has rejuvenating properties." Well, there's the magic word. I only met Chichi briefly but already she seemed like a genuine godsend.

I studied the two packets in the car on my way home to Laguna, dutifully read the flier. My understanding finally was it worked like those nicotine or hormone patches but in reverse. You stuck a nicotine patch on your body and your body slowly absorbed the nicotine. With Kinotakara, you stick a patch to your body and the patch absorbs the toxins in your system. Interesting but the only way to find out if it works is to use it.

That night I put one packet on each foot. The sticky thing the pads come with don't work to well because they're flimsy and porous, so you really have to wear socks to keep the pads in place. At P165 each, they are not inexpensive. You wear two every night if you have two feet, so that would be P330. When I took off the pads the next morning - yuck! Wet, sticky, greenish-brown muddy, yuck. This gunk came from my body? Where else? When I attached those pads they were dry and clean. Something from me, indeed maybe my toxins produced this awful dirty mess. I should immediately clean my body out.

Frantically I called Chichi again. "Okay, now I see and understand. I can't stop this, I want to continue this cleaning process. I can't stand the thought that I have all this gunk in my body. Please give me two boxes." I intended to keep one for myself and give away samples to my friends who are aging like me. The box recommends that you use these pads nightly until your mud gets drier and lighter. Then you go on a maintenance program of once a month. Now after six days use, the pads are less wet, less gunk-y, sometimes with little blood drops, very small but blood nonetheless, when I have no open cuts can't use the product if you have open cuts.

"How do you know those are really your toxins?" one of my Doubting Thomas friends asked. "Maybe that gunk is just the result of a chemical reaction of whatever's inside those packets and your body heat.
Maybe it's all in your mind."

Maybe. That's possible. Anything is possible. Maybe the product really works because I feel great. It took two days to get rid of my backache. I have unusual stores of energy. I feel perky, happy, not tired, not draggy, and depressed, which I had been feeling since Christmas.

So, I feel born again, thanks to this Kinotakara. I can't attribute it to anything else because it's the only new thing I did. If you're interested, e-mail me. I'll tell you how to get it. Brochure says it's good for gout, swelling, arthritis, kidneys and general well being. I was crippled since January 14 and now I can walk.