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Negative Ions

The raw material powder of Negative ions are made from a natural mineral known as Electrical Vapour Stone. Magnetic wave affect is created by using high technology biochemistry power of energy porcelain powder. Negative ions help to eliminate and prevent bacterial growth, harmonize the central nervous system, improves blood circulation and promote better health. This energy poweder form a magnetic field within the abdomen area. When energy is absorbed by the human body, the cells become active and the friction between the nervous system increases the metabolism of the body.

Far Infrared Rays

Far Infrared Rays are part of the sunlight with wave lengths of 6-14 microns. It is beneficial for the formation and growth of all living things. Therefore, these rays are called "Biogentic Rays". When ther is input of heat, Far Infrard Rays are released. The benefits of the rays include improving the lymphatic & blood circulation and metabolism of the body, providing comfort and relief to the waist area, preventing rashes and getting rid of odour.

Anti-Germ Fibre

Anti-Germ Fibre are made from elastic substances with high technology of biochemistry, It is very durable, hygienic and comfortable material. Anti-Germ Fibre helps prevent bacterial growth. Its high elasticity provides the best cofort and anti-roll up function. It helps prevent harmful bacteria and get rid of odor.

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