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Don't let your BONES break you, Bring BONES problem to an end
HF070 FDA No.: FR-4000001407095

K-OstCal powder contains a unique blend of organic calcium, soy protein, marine collagen, multi-vitamins and multi-minerals. It is formulated as a readily available and well assimilated calcium and protein source particularly recommended for all. Thus this unique product promotes health and boosts your overall health, particularly bones, joints and cardiovascular health.

K-Link Phil K-OstCal

1 Sachet of K-OstCal contains 657mg of calcium, which is almost 66% of Recommended Nutrient Intake (RNI). Normal adult needs 100mg calcium and women ages 50 years and above need 1200mg

Why Choose K-OstCal?

K-Link Phil K-OstCal

Isolated soy protein is a safe form of soy, which is gout friendly protein source. It provides high quality source of protein that aids the speedy recover, muscle building, wight loss, heart health, regulating and balancing hormones and variety of health benefits

K-Link Phil K-OstCal

Hydrolized Collagen (Collagen Peptides) is a broken-down form of collagen. It is produced through a carefully controlled enzymatic hydrolysis that produces smaller and more digestible collagen.

    The benefits include:
  1. Reduces inflammation and eases joint pain
  2. Strengthens the bones
  3. Reduces aging and skin repair

K-Link Phil K-OstCal

Aquamin is a unique natural mineral with combination of bio-active calcium magnesium plus 72 traces of minerals. Aquamin is produced from Lithothamnion, a rare red seaweed harvested in the pristine waters of the North Atlantic seabed. It has twice the level of absorption as dolomite. Aquamin has beneficial effects on the bone, inflammation, specifically osteoarthric conditions, digestive health, cardiovascular health and cognitive health. Aquamin promotes mineralisation in osteoblast cell segment. The nutritional supplement of Aquamin plays an important role in promoting bone formation and also useful in treating bone diseases such as osteoporosis.

Benefits of K-OsteoCal:
  1. Helps to maintain strong bones and healthy teeth
  2. Helps to decrease risk of bone loss and fractures
  3. Helps to improve joint functions
  4. Helps to lower risk of colon cance
  5. Helps to monitor regular heart beat
  6. Helps to alleviate insomnia
  7. Helps to metabolise your body’s iron
  8. Assisting nervous system, especially in impulse mission
  9. Assists in weight management
  10. Helps in preventing blood clot and helps in muscle contraction
  11. Utilising amino acids as building blocks for all body protein
  12. Assists in maintaining healthy joints

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