Motto of the Year


In March 2020, the start of the global pandemic has redefined people's perception of health and wealth. As the Corona Virus escalates, many people of any generations are more aware of the importance of immune booster. Staying healthy became a top priority for many nowaday. Hence, it is K-LINK International's responsibility to aid the community with our innovative health products.

Likewise, as an economic downturn, people are more money-conscious. Many struggles financially as the virus spreads. This is the time where our distributors lend a helping hand to help those in need to thrive.

This pandemic has changed the way we work and communicate. Low cost and efficient communication is the key to capture this competitive market at times like this. Flexibility has also become the utmost importance in sustaining business continuity.

At K-LINK International, we provide our distributors with the flexibility to run their business via K-GlobalLink web and app, supporting social media content through Instagram, Facebok and Telegram, as well as, having a digital office suite in K-LINK'S own distributor office. As a K-Link distributor, managing your business is just a click away.

2020 had been tough for many. It is time to embrace the new norm and return stronger for 2021.

Speech bubbles represent instant messenger such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber and other messaging apps. An important technology to help us stay connected in this digitalized era. Linking the management, distributors and customers together at anytime, anywhere.

Green represents a healthy life. For 21 years, K-LINK International has helped many families to live a healthy lifestyle with our innovative products.