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Laser Therapeutic Device


LTD (Laser Therapeutic Device) is an instrument developed based on laser medicine, bionics, Chinese Medicine and clinical practice.  It is controlled by microcomputer and has laser wavelength of 650 nm.   It acts on nose cavity mucosa, acu-point or affected parts by laser bio-stimulation and low-frequency pulse current.  

The product can help fight the war against the two main killers of the modern world, Polluted Blood and Free Radicals.  The blood is the transportation brigade of the body.  It carries all essential nutrients, oxygen and enzymes to the various cells of our body.  A healthy blood can assure us a better health.

The main function of LTD is to cleanse the blood and improve its circulation which can help reduce our blood’s viscosity, lower blood sugar level, prevent hardening of the blood vessel, can prevent hypertension, delays aging and improve, mental condition, etc.

It can also improve our body’s capability to produce more SOD that is needed in fighting free radicals, which is the root cause of aging and almost all modern diseases.

LTD is not only for Laser Therapy, it can also be used as a TENS (Transcutaneous Electronic Nerve Stimulator) machine.  It has a built in massager that can help improve blood circulation on specific parts of the body.  As an added feature, the massager can also be used to strengthen your muscles and remove unwanted fat in the belly area and other parts of the body.  In other words, LTD is a double purpose product.  You will enjoy two benefits for the value of one.

If you want to stay healthy, focus on your blood.  As what a TV commercial says “Nasa dugo lang yan (It’s all in the blood).”  So the next time, you think of staying healthy, think of owning LTD.

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