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Sanitary pad plays a major role in a woman’s life. The quality of sanitary pads can influence ladies’ emotions during period. That is why choosing a suitable sanitary pad is very important.

According to research, when blood on used sanitary pads is exposed to the air, approximately 100,000 bacteria will grow on it in a mere 4 minutes. This has been a major factor of various female sicknesses such as itchiness, sensitive skin, inflammation, lower back pain, fatigue, unstable emotions and others. All these problems are related to the choice of your sanitary pad! There are various types of sanitary pads existing in the market now. So make a wise choice!

Using sanitary pads which are not suitable can cause the following effects:
  • Itchiness and stuffiness at the groin area.
  • Irritation and even pain.
  • Accelerates ageing process.
  • Unpleasant smell and vaginal inflammation.
  • Urinary tract diseases.
Protect, appreciate and love yourself with K-Sophie sanitary pad!

K-Sophie sanitary pads and pantiliners are made with special formula, combining traditional herbal ingredients with latest biotechnology-based agent to help reduce ladies’ problems caused by bacteria, vagina inflammation, itchiness and odour

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