Coffee 5-in-1 (HD004)

The Healthy Coffee

FDA No. FR-91726

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Content: 20 Sachets

K-Link Arabica Coffee 5-in-1 is made from a unique blend of high quality Arabica coffee beans, ginseng extract and ganoderma extract.

You will feel alert, energetic and revitalized after drinking K-Link Arabica Coffee 5-in-1 with its wonderful refreshing aroma that makes you totally rejuvenated. A beverages drink to start and perk your day.


Known as King of Herbs and is rich in:

  1. Polysacharide - Anti-cancer, immune system enhancer, anti-oxidant,colon cleansing,lowers cholesterol
  2. Triterpenes - Simple lipids known to lower cholesterol, acts as steroid to enhance the body's hormones and increases resistance, improves glucose level, anti-allergy and strengthens the liver.
  3. Adenosine - Improves blood circulation, strengthens nerves and brain functions, energy and inhibits platelet aggregation.
  4. Organic Germanium - Improves oxygenation of the cell and strengthens the immune system.


Gives the body resistance to stress

  1. Improves blood circulation
  2. Revitalizes and aids in recovery from weakness.
  3. Gives vigor and vitality.