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Q.How can I be entitled of the bonuses/incentives for distributors?
A. In order for a distributor to qualify for incentives, he/she must see to it that he/she purchases products under his/her account. Every product that he/she purchase has a corresponding Business Value (BV), these BV are accumulative. Once a new distributor, reaches the minimum BV set by the company, his bonus entitlement begins. For a detailed explanation of the Marketing Plan, please click here.

Q. How will I receive my bonus as a distributor?
A. The bonus payment shall be paid to the distributors on the 15th day of the following month. The company shall send your bonus together with your monthly bonus statement to your registered address. You may also choose to pick it up from the Head Office or to any Center Stockists or you may opt to open an account with Equitable PCI Bank where your bonus maybe deposited.

Q. How do I benefit from the purchases of my downlines?
A. You may accumulate not only your Personal BVs, you will also accumulate the BVs from the purchases of your downlines and earn percentage from these purchases depending on your rank.

Q. I have relatives and friends abroad, can I invite them to join K-link as my downline?
A. Yes, but make sure that your relative or friend abroad has indicated you as their sponsor and you have provided them your full name and your assigned K-Link Distributor Code.

Q. To which countries do we have K-Link branches and stockists?
A. As of to date, we have branches and master stockists in thirteen (13) other countries, which include Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, U.S.A., Bahrain, Brunei, Norway and Canada. For a complete list of our Oversea Branches and Stockists, please click here.

Q. Can I still use the same distributor code assigned to me by K-Link Phil. if I go abroad and purchase products in other countries?
A. Yes, you may use your assigned distributor code.