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Q. What are my duties and responsibilities as a distributor?
A. As a registered distributor, you are required to observe the rules and regulations set by the company. You are also expected to keep your membership active by patronizing the products of the company and sponsoring members under your group.

Q. Are distributors allowed to change their sponsor?
A. No, request for change of sponsor is not allowed. Any information written in the Official Distributor Application Form is considered official and final.

Q. Can I register as a distributor more than once?
A. No. A distributor is required to maintain only ONE account (membership). The Company has the right to cancel/terminate any other account maintained by a distributor.

Q. What will happen to my membership if I failed to keep my account active?
A. If a distributor fails to maintain or purchase products under his/her account within twelve (12) months, his/her distributorship will be automatically cancelled. Should he/she intend to continue his/her membership he/she must apply as a Distributor again.

Q. In case a registered distributor die or meet an accident which prevents him/her from performing his/her duties as distributor, what will happen to his/her membership?
A. In the event of death or disability of a distributor, the Company may transfer his/her network and all benefits to the distributor's immediate family or to any person whom the distributor has appointed to be his/her beneficiary.

Q. Do I get discounts from the company products if I become a distributor?
A. All registered K-Link distributors are entitled to a Retail Profit or discounted product price.

Q. Are there marketing tools or trainings which will be given to newly registered distributors?
A. Upon registration you will receive a starter kit that contains the basic information that you should know as a K-Link distributor. Aside from this, the company also provides free trainings like New Distributors Seminar, In-depth Product Seminar, In-depth Marketing Plan Seminar and other special trainings to all distributors who wish to fully learn the business.