Product Rules

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Product Rules

Price of Product

  1. The Company fixes retail prices of the Company's products and no distributor shall engage in product under pricing or overpricing.
  2. A distributor shall not carry out sales promotion by way of giving special offer of the Company's products without prior written permission or approval from the Company.
Purchase of Product
  1. A distributor must purchase the Company's products directly from the Company or the Company's stockists or mobile stockists. No purchase from other outlets is allowed.
  2. All purchases must be made in cash but the Company may, in its sole discretion, accept other modes of payment. A receipt will be issued by the Company for every purchase duly transacted.
  3. A distributor may purchase or order for the Company's products through the internet. In such case, the distributor shall bear all the related and incidental expenses.

Prohibition Against Exhibition And Re-Packaging

  1. The Company's products must at all times remain in their original packaging. No distributor is allowed to repack the product or attach additional labels thereto.
  2. Direct sales by a distributor to a customer are the essence of our business. The Company therefore does not allow any retail sale of its products from commercial retail premises. Although owners of retail establishments may themselves become distributors, they are not allowed to exhibit or display the Company's products at their retail premises.
  3. No distributor may sell or exhibit the Company's products at any trade fair or exhibit without prior written permission or approval from the Company.