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K-Link Philippines Inc.
Unit 2507-2508, 25th Floor
Robinsons-Equitable Tower, ADB Ave. cor. Poveda St., Pasig City
Tel. No.: 633-1918 Fax No.: 631-4351


We are a Multi-level Marketing Company founded in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on December 2000. In an effort to strengthen the foundation of global business, K-Link strived on its commitment as "YOUR GLOBAL LINK" by exploring unlimited business opportunities overseas.

Thus, the company has expanded its operation to other countries like The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Brunei, Middle East, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Australia and United States of America.

In the Philippines, the company was officially established on June, 2002 and operated as K-Link Phil., Inc. with its office address at Robinson-Equitable Tower located at the heart of Metro Manila.

In less than a year of operation, K-Link Phil., Inc. has almost 26,000 registered distributors, 14 Center Stockists, 3 Sub-Stockists and more than 100 active Mobile Stockists in the different towns and provinces of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The increasing network assists the company in introducing range of unique and excellent products. The company has expanded its products range, be it health care, health food or health drink, it catered the needs of people of different levels, more importantly, it upgraded the living standard of people who have used the products and those who have learned the business.

K-Link Phil., Inc. will continue to touch more lives as it consistently uphold the company's commitment of providing excellent and revolutionary health products which will promote a healthy life and a better financial opportunity.

May you also find good health and freedom of wealth with K-Link!





In line with the company's commitment to the world, K-Link International has recently enhanced its Corporate Logo . With this goal in mind, a team of professional was formed to face this challenge. Each element of the logo, including its colors, shapes and words to be used are carefully chosen and designed to convey the right corporate message and to create a positive impact to the public.

  1. The spheres of K-Link are linked together to represent our core business of networking while the solid lines between the spheres signify our interdependence to one another to strengthen the K-Link family.
  2. The word “K-Link” which is highlighted with red is regarded as the color of passion is placed in the middle of the logo to signify the company's core value and the spirit of caring and sharing which is in the very heart of K-Link.
  3. The green spheres which formed the big letter “K” stands for K-Link's commitment to promote a healthy and a better lifestyle in all countries where K-Link oversea branches and master stockists are established.
  4. The gold spheres symbolizes the importance of our global group of customers, distributors, leaders, staffs and suppliers working as partners toward our “golden” destiny.
  5. The lines that linked all spheres represent the unity of global partnership which indicates that all of us are bonded together with strong teamwork leading us towards our goal “ ONE WORLD ONE AIM .



To build a global networking business, commit to fulfill the loving and caring culture among the customers, distributors, staff, shareholders and business partners and perform the obligation & responsibilities to the society & nation concerned.


  • To become a public listed company.
  • To build a high standard GMP Company.
  • Globalization of Business.
  • To capture bigger market share.
  • Possess own building.
  • To create million dollar Crown Ambassadors.
  • mission

    Contributing to the nation and society.
    Customer Oriented - All plans and decisions are made for the best interest of our customers and distributors.
    We believe that providing the highest quality products is the driving force in our business.
    We believe that excellence can be achieved through a strong teamwork.
    We believe in continuous learning is the basis of our growth.
    We believe in the "Win-Win" strategy to be our operational direction.



    The Board of Directors And Management Are Experienced, Visionary And Able To Deliver 
      The Board of Directors are highly knowledgeable and experienced in the MLM industry.
    A Legitimate Direct Selling Company
      With globally recognised approval, K-Link International products are safe to consume and use by consumers.

    Implementing E-Commerce Business

      Stays updated on current affairs and latest technogy for smooth operation.
    Well-Planned Management System

    • Finance Department
      - Bonus Payout, Sales, Financial Management.
    • Marketing Department 
      - Communicating and Coordinating with Organisation. 
      - Planning and Arranging Activities, Schedule, etc.
    • Editorial Department 
      - Bulletin, Brochures and Catalogues.
    • EDP Department 
      - Distributors Bonus Calculation, Customer Services
    • Warehouse Department 
      - Delivery System and Storage.
    • Administration Department 
      - Personnel Management, Administration.
    • IT Department 
      - E-Commerce and IT Management.
    Our Commitment To Provide Excellent And Revolutionary Products

    Globalise And Lucrative Marketing Plan

      Offer a simple yet rewarding Marketing Plan for everyone.

    The Power of Duplication / Provides Professional Training And Activities


    Provides simple step by step education and training conducted by highly trained professionals.

    Our standardised training module

    • Simple, easy to learn, easy to understand, easy to do, easy to teach

    Concept of Networking Multiplication is DUPLICATION



    Strategic Planning Board

    • The Role: The top advisory board for K-LINK's system.
    • Formation: Appointed by the top management of K-LINK International.
    • Responsibility: Assist the company in the set-up code of operations for the distributors and direction of development.

    Ambassador Committee

    • The Role: Act as the highest rank for distributors.
    • Formation: Qualified Royal Crown Ambassadors, Senior Crown Ambassadors and Crown Ambassadors.
    • Responsibility: Ambassadors appointed by K-LINK's top management.

      1. To implement K-LINK's educational training modules.
      2. Co-ordinate planning, arrangement and actions of all activities.

    Crown Manager Committee

    • The Role: Act as core leaders for distributors.
    • Formation: Qualified Crown Managers appointed by K-LINK's top management.
    • Responsibility: Implement K-LINK's educational training modules (Leadership by example).

    Diamond Manager Committee

    • The Role: Act as central committee members for distributors.
    • Formation: Qualified Diamond Managers appointed by K-LINK's top management.
    • Responsibility: Assist lower rank distributors to master K-LINK's system education modules.