K-Link Phil. Inc. K-Ayurveda AyuBes Product


AYU003 FDA No.: FR-77127

AyuBes is an herbal combination that is very effective in controlling and reducing high blood sugar. AyuBes helps to reduce blood sugar levels, bringing about a balance in the body’s metabolism and restoring healthy blood sugar levels. High blood pressure is caused by decreased production of insulin, or by the lack of ability to use insulin. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas to enable cells to able to utilize sugar in the blood. When we have high blood sugar, we pass sweet urine and our sugar levels in the blood rise considerably above the normal limits. It is acquired due to excess consumption of sweets, high calorie diet and sedentary lifestyle.

The benefits of AyuBes:
  • Helps reduce blood sugar levels
  • Corrects the digestive system
  • Helps increase stamina and improves vitality