K-Link Phil. Inc. K-Ayurveda AyuAsmo Product


AYU002 FDA No.: FR-77125

AyuAsmo is an herbal combination that provides nutritional support and strengthens the respiratory system, neutralizes the effect of dust, pollens, industrial pollutants and micro-organisms and keep them from harming the body's delicate tissues. Respiratory tract problems are due to prolonged or persistent condition of respiratory / breathing disfunction that results in oxygenation of carbon dioxide eliminated at a rate that is insufficient to meet the demands of the body. If severe, it could impair the function of vital organs in our body.

The benefits of AyuAsmo:
  • Helps to relieve mild cough
  • Eases expectoration
  • Clears respiratory congestion
  • Restores normal breathing
  • Soothes sore throat